Gift-Giving Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts

Gift-giving is an important part of many social occasions. Whether you are giving a present to someone for their birthday or to celebrate a special occasion, it’s important to be aware of gift-giving etiquette. Here are some dos and don’ts of gift-giving that will help you make sure your present is appreciated.


• Research the recipient before picking out a gift. Think about their interests and hobbies and find something that they will really appreciate.

• Try to find a thoughtful and unique gift. Something that you have put some thought into is more meaningful than an off-the-shelf item.

• Wrap the gift in a nice box or gift bag and include a card with a personalized message.

• Show your appreciation for the gift you receive from someone else.


• Don’t give a gift that is too expensive. This can make the recipient feel uncomfortable and put them in an awkward position.

• Don’t give a gift that is too personal. Some things are better left to close friends and family.

• Don’t forget to thank the person for the gift. A simple thank you note or phone call will do.

• Don’t forget to bring a gift when you are invited to someone’s house. Even a small token of appreciation is appreciated.

By following these gift-giving etiquette tips, you can ensure that your present will be appreciated and enjoyed. Remember, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts the most. So make sure to show your appreciation by picking out something special, wrapping it nicely, and expressing your gratitude.

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