eo Pen Stand For Study Table with Self Watering Plant Pot & Glasses Holder Smartphone Holder Desk Station Table Organizer & Pencil Holder for Offices Home Kids Study Room (Black)

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Product Description

Pen Holder Pencil Stand Desk Organizer Station Stationery School Office Supplies Work Office HomePen Holder Pencil Stand Desk Organizer Station Stationery School Office Supplies Work Office Home

A truly multifunctional pen stand holder with a self-watering plant pot. It also comes with a cool dock that allows you to place your glasses or headphones safely to make sure they’re always within reach. Add life to your desk with the Desk Stations unique self-watering plant pot.


Multi-Functional Desk Organiser

EO Desk Station is thoughtfully crafted to make your desktop less cluttered and more accessible. Design innovation in itself, the EO Desk Station is great for offices & homes to not just add thoughtful convenience, but also a decorative touch!


EO Terra with Microgreens starter kit

EO Terra is a self-watering plant pot that allows you to grow small plants or succulents at your desk. It comes with a smart self-watering design allowing you to water your plants just once a week. It comes with a microgreens starter kit that allows you to grow succulents right out of the box! It is a part of the EO Deskstation.

How to use EO’s Self-Watering Plant Pot?

EO Self Watering Plant Pot Lifestyle Video

Here is an explanatory video on how to use the self-watering plant pot from EO.

EO Desk station comes with its very own self-watering plant pot and microgreens starter kit that allows you to plant succulents right out of the box. The smart design of the self-watering planter allows you to water the plant just once a week & provides optimal nourishment to the plant.

Pencil Holder Stationery Desk Organiser Corporate Gifts Bulk Gifting Ideas Brand Promotional Items STAY ORGANISED

For your pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, & erasers. Keep your daily essentials within reach.

Office Desk Organizer and accessories Table Caddy Cute Compartment Stationary Organizers Penstands ALWAYS WITHIN REACH

Comes with 2 special hands just to make sure all your essentials are within reach

Penstand Desk Organiser for Office Table Stylish Work Decor Pencil Stand School Stationary Holder VIEW COMFORTABLY

Get the perfect viewing angle for your smartphone to view your favourite show or attend video calls

Glasses Holder Sunglasses Spectacles Stand For Chashma Pen Organizer for Desk Cute Accessories Box SAFE & SPECIAL SPACE

A dedicated place to safely hold your expensive glasses. You now know where you kept them.

Innovative Gifts Birthday Presents Clients Boss Employees Corporate Gifting Office Products ADD A TOUCH OF GREEN

Grow fresh succulents & boost indoor oxygen while adding a touch of green to your desk



GREAT FOR KEEPING YOUR DESK NEAT & TIDY Pen Stand Pencil Holder Stationery Organiser Glasses Keychain Multifunctional Multi UtilityPen Stand Pencil Holder Stationery Organiser Glasses Keychain Multifunctional Multi Utility ONE DESKSTATION FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS

Keep your essentials within reach and stay organised while saving space and offering a clean & minimalist look. Do away with clutter and organise your desk neatly with EO Desk Station. Store your pencils, pen, highlighters, scissors, paper clips, and other office supplies.

Gift Box Gifting Set Unique Gift Items Corporate gifts for employees Bulk Gift ItemsGift Box Gifting Set Unique Gift Items Corporate gifts for employees Bulk Gift Items REVOLUTIONARY SELF WATERING PLANTER ON YOUR DESK

EO Desk Station comes with a revolutionary self-watering planter where you can grow microgreens & succulents right out of the box thanks to its very own microgreens starter kit. This allows you to boost indoor oxygen and add a touch of green to your desk!

Desk organisers Pen Stand Holder Office Products StationeryDesk organisers Pen Stand Holder Office Products Stationery STURDY BUILD QUALITY & ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED

EO Deskstation is built using high-quality ABS & comes with anti-skid rubber grippers at the base that allows for a sturdy hold. The desk station has been ergonomically designed to allow easy access to your stationery & essentials like keys, smartphone and even your glasses!

Pen Holder Office Supplies Corporate Gifts Gifting Set Desk OrganizerPen Holder Office Supplies Corporate Gifts Gifting Set Desk Organizer GREAT GIFT FOR THOSE WHO LOVE BEING ORGANISED

EO Deskstation is a great item for bulk corporate gifts or gifting ideas for office colleagues & employees who spend most of their time at the desk or have a knack for keeping things neatly organised.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are small vegetable greens that are harvested immediately after cotyledon leaves have developed. They are used as a nutrition supplement, a visual enhancer, & a flavour & texture enhancer. Microgreens can add sweetness & spiciness to food

How long does it take to grow microgreens?

It usually takes 3-4 days for the seeds to sprout and another 4-6 days for the microgreens to develop fully to a point where they can be consumed. Its biological nature implies that the seeds germinate, grow & wither away after 10-12 days

How can you consume microgreens?

Once the cotyledon leaves develop, you can cut them or pluck them & use them as a garnish in your salads, sandwiches, soups, juices or raw. Please wash the microgreens thoroughly before you consume them

Do the seeds grow back after you’ve plucked them?

Unfortunately no. Microgreens are power-packed & one reason is that most of the energy in a microgreen seed goes into producing those first few leaves. So once you cut the microgreen, there’s no energy left for it to grow back again

Can I use the same soil to grow a planter of my choice

Yes, you can. The soil provided with the packaging contains the right amount of nutrients to support multiple growth cycles. After which you can add fertilizers or get new soil.

Store & Organise It All: eo desk station allows you to store & organise a wide variety of everyday items required in your home or offices like pens, pencils, smartphones, scissors, markers, highlighters, keys, masks, spectacles and sunglasses and more!
Self-watering plant pot – eo desk station comes with a self-watering planter & its very own microgreens starter kit that allows you to plant succulents right out of the box. Having a plant at your desk boosts productivity and improves indoor oxygen levels keeping you fresh and closer to nature!
Dedicated spectacles and sunglasses holder – eo desk station has a dedicated dock to safely store your spectacles & sunglasses. This helps prevent scratches & you know exactly where you kept them without losing them;
Holds Your Headphones & Earphones Too: The versatile dock allows you to even hold your headphones or earphones easily. This makes it ideal to have & maintain a clean desk at all times. This allows you to easily find your headphones & earphones for meetings and calls.
Keychain & mask holder – eo desk station comes with two extra dedicated arms that allow you to safely store your keychain and mask without worrying of misplacing them!
Ideal Return Gifts: Its practicality and sleek design make it a cherished and useful item for everyone. So what are you waiting for, grab the perfect return gift for birthday parties or a versatile gift for clients, employees
The stylish pencil holder comes with a 6 months warranty which covers against manufacturing defects. The customer can reach out the brand’s customer support team for more details

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